An appealing image showing a scene in a vintage literature club meeting. A Caucasian female character and a Black male character are deeply engaged in a conversation portraying clear personality traits. In the background, there is an old library setting narrated by unseen third person. Next to them, another scene unfolds where a Middle-Eastern male character is vividly illustrating an action sequence. Ensure the image does not contain any text.

What is dialogue?(1 point)

personality traits of characters

setting described by the narrator

words spoken by characters

action described by the narrator

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1. Words spoken by characters.
2. It moves the plot forward without the narrator describing every event.
3. Quotation marks

Words spoken by a character

It moves the plot forward

Finally, they use quotation marks

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Ora is right


3.Quotation marks

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To determine the answer to this question, we can break down the four options provided and identify which one defines dialogue.

Option 1: Personality traits of characters - This refers to the characteristics or qualities that describe a character's behavior, feelings, and thoughts. While important for understanding a character, it does not specifically relate to dialogue.

Option 2: Setting described by the narrator - The narrator describes the physical environment or location where the story takes place. While setting can influence dialogue, it is not the same as dialogue itself.

Option 3: Words spoken by characters - This option represents the correct definition of dialogue. In a literary work or script, dialogue is the verbal exchange or conversation between characters. It allows for the expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and actions of the characters.

Option 4: Action described by the narrator - This describes the events or actions that occur within a story, as narrated by the author or narrator. Action may be related to dialogue, but it is not the same thing as dialogue.

Therefore, the correct option is: "Words spoken by characters."