which of the following makes this statement true.

pi < _____ < 7/2

Leo Galleguillos Leo Galleguillos answered
3 years ago

What are your choices?

aidan aidan answered
3 years ago

3% square root of 11 5/4 and 3 x 10^1

oobleck oobleck answered
3 years ago

since pi = 3.1416 and 7/2 = 3.50

pick the choice that lies between those two values.

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
8 months ago

To determine the missing value that makes the statement true, we need to find a number between pi and 7/2.

First, let's evaluate the value of pi: π is approximately equal to 3.14159.

Next, let's evaluate the value of 7/2: 7 divided by 2 is equal to 3.5.

Therefore, we are looking for a number that is greater than pi (3.14159) but less than 3.5.

One possible number that fits this criteria is 3.2.

So the missing value is 3.2.

Therefore, the statement becomes: pi < 3.2 < 7/2.