Don Garcia needs at least 24 units of vitamin A per day. Each green pill provides 4 units and each red pill provides one unit. Green pills cost 3.5¢ each and red pills cost 1¢ each. How many of each kind of pill should he take to minimize his cost?

Green pills cost (3.5 cents/4 units) = 0.875 cents per unit.
Red pills cost (1 cent/1 unit) = 1 cents/unit.
Green pills exclusively should be used, and you will need 6 of them, costing a total of 21 cents. 24 red pills would have cost 24 cents. There is no benefit in mixing read and green.

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8 months ago

To minimize the cost, Don Garcia should take only green pills. Each green pill provides 4 units of vitamin A, so he will need a total of 24/4 = 6 green pills to meet his vitamin A requirement.

The cost of each green pill is 3.5 cents, so the total cost for 6 green pills would be 6 * 3.5 = 21 cents.

Using red pills would not minimize the cost in this case because each red pill provides only 1 unit of vitamin A, and Don Garcia would need 24 red pills which would cost 24 cents. Therefore, it is more cost-effective for him to take the green pills exclusively.

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