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Madelyn had a square piece of cardboard that 10 inches in length. She cut one 3-inch square from each corner, as shown below. Please show your work!

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Why don't you just say what you want to do?
Figure the volume of the box? the surface area? cost using given data?

Ac = 4(3*3) = 36 in^2. = Area cut.

Ar = Area remaining.
Ac + Ar = 10^2 = 100 in^2.
36 + Ar = 100,
Ar =

so basically henry2, like what herny said to do but subtract 100-36=64

AR=64 because 64+36=100 that easy Hope this helped Take care and God bless.

I drew a square of size 10

3 units from each edge, I drew a dotted line to show where to fold it.
I folded up the sides.

Now what?

The surface area please.

the base is a 4x4 square

there are 4 sides, each 3x4
so add them all up, right?

I think it is 80 sq. in.

To find the area of the resulting shape after cutting off the corners, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the new length of each side of the square by subtracting twice the length of the cut-out square from the original length of the square.
New Side Length = Original Side Length - 2 * Cut-out Square Length

In this case, the original side length is 10 inches, and the cut-out square length is 3 inches.
New Side Length = 10 - 2 * 3

Step 2: Calculate the area of the resulting shape by squaring the new side length.
Resulting Shape Area = New Side Length * New Side Length

Now let's calculate the values:

Step 1: New Side Length = 10 - 2 * 3 = 10 - 6 = 4 inches

Step 2: Resulting Shape Area = 4 * 4 = 16 square inches

Therefore, the resulting shape after cutting off the corners has an area of 16 square inches.


Here I think this will help.