Generate an appealing image representing the concept of porcelain trading. The scene should depict an array of finely crafted porcelain items such as plates, cups, vases, and teapots. To add a historical context, include an old world map as a background suggesting international trade. A set of hands could also be shown exchanging the porcelain pieces suggesting commerce. Make sure the image contains no text.

Porcelain became a major trade item because it was?

1)durable and beautiful

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If you go to Connections Academy the answers are

1. durable and beautiful
2. D
3. D
Lesson 3: Chinese Thought and Achievements
Social Studies 6 B Unit 4: Later Civilizations of East Asia

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The answers that [blank] gave were correct but the quizzes, tests, and quick checks change sometimes to make sure nobody cheats. So here are the answers with just the words, 1. durable and beautiful

2. D. the invention of movable type
and 3.D. All things should follow the flow of nature.
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1: Durable and Beautiful.

2:The invention of movable type.
3:All things should follow the flow of nature.
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1.Durable and Beautiful
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