Which of the following correctly states the relationship between hippos and whales?

A) Whales evolved from hippos.

B)Hippos evolved from whales.

C) Hippos and whales do not share a common ancestor.

D)Hippos and whales evolved from a common ancestor

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The correct answer is D) Hippos and whales evolved from a common ancestor.

To determine the relationship between hippos and whales, we can look at the field of evolutionary biology. This field studies the evolutionary relationships between different species and traces their origins back to a common ancestor.

To understand how hippos and whales are related, scientists compare their physical traits, genetic information, and fossil evidence. By analyzing these factors, they have concluded that hippos and whales share a common ancestor.

The common ancestor of hippos and whales likely lived around 54-55 million years ago during a period called the Eocene epoch. Over time, this common ancestor diverged into separate lineages, with one lineage evolving into the modern hippos and the other into the modern whales.

Hippos belong to the family Hippopotamidae, while whales are part of the order Cetacea. Both groups share certain anatomical features, such as their unique tooth structure and aquatic adaptations, which suggest a common evolutionary history.

In conclusion, hippos and whales evolved from a common ancestor, making option D the correct statement.

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