Create an image depicting a positive scene from the 1950s in the United States. The scene should subtly illustrate the increase in productivity and its effects on people's lifestyle. Show a family enjoying their leisure time in a suburban setting, with new appliances and a comfortable home, characteristic of the post-war economic boom. Please remember to avoid including any text in the image.

what is one example if the way a rise in productivity during the 1950s improved the standard of living in the united states?

A.It gave workers more time off.
B.It led to a sharp increase in urbanization.
C.It led to the end of discrimination in the United States.
D.It eliminated poverty.

1. A

6. C

One of the proโ€™s is that Korea got more men and materials for fighting in the war another pro is that they helped them fight communism. A con would be that some of the other countries didnโ€™t like that the U.S was involved with the Korean War, they also lost thousands of their men in the war. ( you would have to write your opinion on which out-weighs the other)

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