9.During the basketball season, Diane took 134 shots and made about 56% of them.

a. How many shots did Diane make?
b. The team made a total of 498 shots. What percent of the team’s made shots did Diane make? (1 point)

24 shots; 15.1%
753 shots; 27%
240 shots; 27%
75 shots; 15.1%
Can someone please help me understand how to do it? I tried a proportion and it didn't come out with any of the answers. Maybe I'm just doing the proportion wrong and plugging in the wrong numbers, but if you can help me with it and understand it, I'll be very grateful

Applications of percent Unit Test Part One

1. Write 8/9 as percent… (1 point) Answer: 88.89%

2. Write decimal 0.041 as percent… (1 point) Answer: 4.1%

3. A study in your town found that 54 in 1, 762 people… (1 point) Answer: 3.06%

4. Write percent 23.44% as decimal… (1 point) Answer: 0.2344

5. Carrie and her nine friends go… Total bill is $191.10… 15% tips… What should each person contribute…? (1 point) Answer: $2.85

6. Use proportion to solve problem… 34% of 83… (1 point) Answer: x/83 = 34/100 ; 28.22

7. 39 is what percent of 156? (1 point) Answer: x/100 = 39/156 ; 25%

8. According to scores on the last math test, 80%, or 20%, of the students got an A… Find the total amount of students… (1 point) Answer: 20/x = 80/100 ; 25 students

9. During basketball season. Diane… (1 point) Answer: 75 shots ; 15.1%

10. What percent of 40 is 24? (1 point) Answer: 24= p x 40 ; 60%

11. The sales tax rate is 74% (1 point) Answer: $6.88; $99.88

12. Jaime is a salesperson… (1 point) Answer: $1,900

13. In 2000, the population of Arlington Middle school was… (1 point) Answer: 38.7% increase

14. The owner of an electronics store received… (1 point) Answer: 56%

15. In Store A, a book that regularly sells for… (1 point) Answer: Store B; Store A’s sale price is $21.24, and Store B’s sale price is $20.99.

16. Find the final balance in an account with $730 invested at 3% annual simple interest for four years (1 point) Answer: $817.60

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But some of the questions have changed

a. DS/134=56/100

DShotsmade= .56*134

b. what percent= diane shots made/teamtotal
=.56*134/498 *100
diane shots made=.56*134

So it would be D? Because on A when I did .56x134 I got 75.04 and 75 is one of the answers and on B I got 15.06 and some other numbers, but rounded it would be 15.1. So the answer would be D

To solve this problem, you can use proportions to find the answer for both parts.

a. To find how many shots Diane made, you can multiply the total number of shots by her shooting percentage. The formula would be:

Number of shots made = Total number of shots * Shooting percentage

In this case, the total number of shots Diane took is given as 134, and her shooting percentage is 56%. Let's plug those numbers into the formula:

Number of shots made = 134 * 0.56 = 75.04

Since it doesn't make sense to have a fraction of a shot, we can round the answer to the nearest whole number. So, Diane made approximately 75 shots.

b. To find what percentage of the team's made shots Diane made, you can divide the number of shots Diane made by the total number of shots made by the team, then multiply by 100 to get a percentage. The formula would be:

Percentage of team's shots made by Diane = (Number of shots made by Diane / Total number of shots made by the team) * 100

We already found that Diane made approximately 75 shots. The total number of shots made by the team is given as 498. Let's plug those numbers into the formula:

Percentage of team's shots made by Diane = (75 / 498) * 100 = 15.06%

Again, rounding to the nearest whole number, we can say that Diane made approximately 15.1% of the team's made shots.

Therefore, the correct answer is "a. 75 shots; b. 15.1%".


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