sometimes it is helpful to rewrite mixed numbers that include a fraction greater than 1. Use the number line to write the missing numbers: 1 2/6= /6

6/6 + 2/6 = 8/6

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To rewrite the mixed number 1 2/6 as an improper fraction, you need to convert the whole number part into a fraction. Since the number line is used to write the missing numbers, we can start by placing 1 on the number line.

Now, consider the fraction part 2/6. To write this fraction on the number line, divide the interval between 0 and 1 into 6 equal parts (since the denominator is 6) and count 2 parts from 0. The endpoint of the 2nd part will represent the fraction 2/6.

Based on the number line diagram, you would write 1 2/6 as 7/6. This is because you counted 2/6 after the whole number 1, which means there are a total of 7/6 on the number line.