What were some of the agricultural products exported from the Americas that became popular in Europe?

A) apples, pork, and millet

B) tobacco, sugar, and cotton

C) oranges, rice, and wheat

D) grapes, olives, and silk

Would it be D?

Ms sue you are annoying

nvm i got it right it was B

Ms. Sue, for someone as rude as you, I don't think you have the room to call another person rude. You must be pretty miserable with the way you have responded to these students. How sad. Hope you find some happiness.

By the way, I am not happy that they left out cod and halibut.

wait so the answer is B right

hey, I just put in the answers my teacher had.

oh... Ha. Blonde moment. Sorry about that, thanks for responding, Damon. I think I get the answer now. I had no idea what 'what unhealthy weed was exported from the Jamestown area?' meant. I had to read it a few times.

What unhealthy weed was exported from Jamestown area?

What not warm when wet cloth was exported from the southern states?
What unhealthy additive was exported from the Caribbean Islands?

I mean Asia.

Its B :D