The sales tax rate is 7.4%

a. Find the tax paid for a pair of shoes with a list price of $93.

b. What is the total cost of the pair of shoes?

A. $6.88; $99.88
B. $6.88; $93.68
C. $0.69; $99.88
D. $0.69; $93.68

I have no Idea, Please help!

OOOOOh, I get it now Ms. Sue you are a lifesaver!

$6.88 + $93 = 99.88

Thank you, Ms. Sue, God bless you and have a good day!

You're welcome. And I hope you have a great day, too.



Yes, the tax is $6.88

What is the total price?


lol Ms. Sue, thanks for the tip.

93 * 0.074 = $6.882

can you help me with that step please Ms. Sue?

thank uu

I told you what to do for that step.