What is the velocity of a 5000 kg truck whose KE is 360 oK?

KE = 0.5M*V^2.

360 = 0.5*5000*V^2,
V = ?.


To determine the velocity of the truck, we need to know its kinetic energy (KE) and mass. However, the given value of 360 oK seems to be incorrect because temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), not kilojoules (kJ) or kilowatt (kW). The correct unit for KE is joules (J).

Please provide the accurate value of kinetic energy in joules (J) so that I can assist you in calculating the velocity of the truck.

To find the velocity of the truck, we can use the formula for kinetic energy:

KE = (1/2) * m * v^2

KE = Kinetic energy
m = Mass of the object
v = Velocity

In this case, we have:
KE = 360 kJ (kilojoules)
m = 5000 kg

Rearranging the formula, we can solve for v:

v^2 = (2 * KE) / m

v^2 = (2 * 360,000) / 5000
v^2 = 72,000 / 5000
v^2 = 14.4

Taking the square root of both sides, we find:

v ≈ √14.4 ≈ 3.8 m/s

Therefore, the velocity of the 5000 kg truck, given its kinetic energy is 360 kJ, is approximately 3.8 m/s.