I'm very stuck! I go to Connections Academy, and I'm on "Versatile Distributive Property Portfolio, Unit 5, Lesson 11. Please help! Here is the question: You are purchasing four items and want to calculate the tax. The items

cost $2.50, $8.75, $3.00, and $10.25. The tax rate is 6%. How much is the tax?
Show the calculation for using the distributive property, and not using the distributive property. HELP!

taxing each item is the same as adding them up and taxing the sum:


w/ disrtibutive property

w/o distributive property
(just did this bro)

that is a faker thats not me.

What’s the full thing for all questions

thank you ssoooooo much!

Steve is that the answer

@steve , is that with or without distrubation and r u correct?!!

It is without.

ye bc im struggling and I NEED to know

I'm in Connections to and I was looking at this site to help me too.