which element has the LEAST metallic character.
A) silicon
B) sodium
C) krypton
D) potassium


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To determine which element has the least metallic character among silicon, sodium, krypton, and potassium, we need to understand the periodic trends related to metallic character.

Metallic character refers to the ability of an element to conduct electricity, form positive ions, and display metallic properties like luster and malleability. The metallic character increases as we move down a group (vertically) in the periodic table and decreases as we move across a period (horizontally).

In this case, we have to compare the metallic characters of silicon, sodium, krypton, and potassium.
To do this, we need to look at their locations on the periodic table:

- Silicon (Si) is located in Group 14 (Group IVA) and Period 3.
- Sodium (Na) is located in Group 1 (Group IA) and Period 3.
- Krypton (Kr) is located in Group 18 (Group VIIIA) and Period 4.
- Potassium (K) is located in Group 1 (Group IA) and Period 4.

Now, comparing the positions on the periodic table, we see that sodium and potassium are both in Group 1, while silicon and krypton belong to different groups.

Considering the periodic trend, metallic character generally increases down a group. Therefore, potassium (K), being located below sodium (Na) in Group 1, would have a higher metallic character than sodium.

On the other hand, when comparing metals from different groups, the metallic character generally decreases as we move across a period from left to right (due to increasing effective nuclear charge and decreasing atomic radius).

Considering this trend, we can conclude that silicon (Si), located to the right of sodium (Na) and in a different group, would have a lower metallic character than both sodium and potassium.

Now, comparing krypton (Kr) and silicon (Si) - both are located in different groups, but krypton is further to the right than silicon. Therefore, krypton (Kr) would have the least metallic character among the given elements.

In summary, the element with the least metallic character is C) krypton (Kr).