Ms. Kemp Recruits Volunteers
As a new ninth grader at my high school, I was sitting in an assembly about volunteerism. The guest speaker was Ms. Francis Kemp. Today I had an experience worth writing about. I must admit that I did not have high hopes for the hour. I was sure it was going to be a boring talk given by a boring speaker. She would probably go on and on about picking up trash along the road and other jobs that do not really appeal to many kids. I could not have been more wrong.

To my surprise, Ms. Kemp was a lively, funny person who kept the audience interested. She opened with a joke about one volunteer who tries to outdo another. I won’t even try to retell the joke because I could never do it justice. So much of the impact depended on her timing and delivery. The point is that she is very self-aware. She knows that some students take a cynical attitude toward doing volunteer work. She was able to poke fun at herself and yet come off seeming wise and clever at the same time.

The hour flew by. She told one anecdote after another. Cleverly, she alternated between stories that were funny and those that were touching and moving. Overall, she was bright, amusing, knowledgeable, and had the desired effect. I cannot honestly say that I ran out to volunteer for a community service project right away, but I am thinking seriously about doing so.

Use the passage to answer the question.

9. How does the author of "Ms. Kemp Recruits Volunteers" mainly reveal Ms. Kemp’s character to the reader? (1 point)

a) by quoting Ms. Kemp

b) by describing Ms. Kemp's personal thoughts

c) by describing the reactions of others

d) by revealing stories about Ms. Kemp

My Answer: B
Could someone please check my answer?

- Da Fash

I think that the correct answer should be: By revealing stories about Ms.Kemp. I think this because there are no personal thoughts of ms.kemp but it is all told through stories of the kids.

its D :)

Based on the passage you provided, the correct answer to the question "How does the author of 'Ms. Kemp Recruits Volunteers' mainly reveal Ms. Kemp's character to the reader?" would be option D, by revealing stories about Ms. Kemp.

In the passage, the author describes Ms. Kemp's lively and funny personality. They mention how she opens with a joke and tells anecdotes that are both funny and touching. These stories give the reader insight into Ms. Kemp's character and show her as bright, amusing, and knowledgeable.

Option A (by quoting Ms. Kemp) is not the main way the author reveals Ms. Kemp's character. Option B (by describing Ms. Kemp's personal thoughts) is not present in the passage. Option C (by describing the reactions of others) does not focus on revealing Ms. Kemp's character directly. Therefore, option D is the most accurate choice.

Your answer of B is incorrect based on the information given in the passage.

Your right

your right i think :)

meaning yes i think the answer is b

Where in that passage are Ms. Kemp's personal thoughts?

Frankly, I'm not sure any of the answer choices are very good.