Karen is applying for the nursing school at the University of Davis. Before applying, she received a breakdown of the tuition and fees from the university.

Tuition: $611 per semester plus $250 per class
Books: $82 per class
Nursing School Fee: $19 per class
Parking: $58 per semester
Facilities Fee: $50 per semester

The total cost of a semester for c classes is represented by the following expression.

Which statement best describes the coefficient of c?

It is the sum of the cost of books and the nursing school fee.

It is the total semester cost of c classes at the university.

It is the sum of the tuition, parking, and facilities fee.

It is the sum of the additional cost of tuition, books, and nursing school fee.

I think B

$351c + $719

Was the equation^^^

$351c + $719 <<< not an equation

B is not the correct answer.

No I meant expression

That was the following expression

Isn't it D then?

Yes, D.