Which of the following is an example of the president's power of recognition?

A:The president recognizes the Senate's approval of a treaty

B:The president receives foreign diplomats***

C:The president approves another country's political system

D:The president recognizes Congress's power to regulate trade with foreign countries.

Is this correct?

Then B it is....Thank you, so much.

It looks as if A, B, and D are all correct, but as far as formal recognition, I think B is right.



I don't get it

Hey, its C.

Yes, B: The president receives foreign diplomats is the correct answer as an example of the president's power of recognition. The president's power of recognition refers to the authority to acknowledge or accept other countries and their governments as legitimate entities. When the president receives foreign diplomats, it is an indication that the president recognizes the sovereignty and legitimacy of those foreign governments.