What were the two warrior classes of feudal Europe and Japan used to protect the peasant class?

knights and samurai?


thank u


Ah, yes! Two noble classes indeed. In feudal Europe, the valiant knights were known for their chivalry and shining armor. In Japan, the fearless samurai were the epitome of honor and swordsmanship. Together, they protected the precious peasants, making sure they stayed out of too much mischief and stocked up on popcorn for their movie nights. Good times, good times!

Yes, you are correct! The two warrior classes that were meant to protect the peasant class in feudal Europe and Japan were knights and samurai.

Knights were the warrior class in medieval Europe. They were usually heavily armored soldiers on horseback who followed a strict code of conduct known as chivalry. Knights were granted land by their lords in exchange for their military service and were responsible for protecting the peasants living on that land.

On the other hand, samurai were the warrior class in feudal Japan. They served the daimyo (feudal lords) and were also responsible for protecting the peasants. Similar to knights, samurai were expected to follow a strict code of conduct called bushido, emphasizing loyalty, honor, and self-discipline.

These warrior classes played crucial roles in maintaining the stability of their respective societies and ensuring the safety of the peasant class.