Which of the following additional text features would best support the main idea of the seven wonders of the world story( its about the ancient wonders)

A. a map showing the locations of the seven wonders of the modern world
B. a graph that shows how much money was required to build each structure
C. a timeline showing when each of the seven wonders of the world existed
D. a heading to separate content about the modern and ancient worlds
My answer is C.



Hi from 2022

I’d choose A and C.

What do you think? Is this discussed in your text?

is molly correct

OMG go Molly!!! She is correct! The answers are C, C, A, A. I just took the test and got a 4/4, 100%!!!

4/4 100% c,c,a,a

I got a 4/4 connection academy:))))))

Molly right in 2019 6 A Unit 3 lesson 13


I agree with C...But I've taken this before and I know there is text, for connections academy anyway