I need help with this problem and to see if I'm doing it right:

For the table, identify the independent and
dependent variables, Represent the relationship
using words, an equation and a graph.

# of cases of | # of bottles
bottled | of water, b
water, c |

1 | 24
2 | 48
5 | 120
10 | 240
20 | 480

So far I think:
Independent Variable is C ( # of cases of bottled water)

Dependent Variable is B ( # of bottles of water)

Because the number of bottles depends on the number of cases

And my thoughts for the equation are:

B = 24C


looks good

What should the graph look like?

independent is traditionally on x-axis

straight line through the origin
... no cases, no bottles

slope is 24 bottles per case

So do I plot the dots on all of those and then connect the line?


usually, partial cases do exist

4. Graph the function rule. Use labels. Explain why the

graph is continuous or discrete.
The amount of money made by selling bikes depends
on the number n of bikes sold. So a = 150n.

So I need help with how to graph this and I know what discrete and continuous functions are but I don't know how I'd relate them to this equation

It's not possible for tutors on Jiskha to help you with graphing more than Scott has already done.

You should learn to make good use of https://www.khanacademy.org/ Click on the subject and/or topic you need across the top of the webpage or use the Search feature.

I searched for "graphing linear equations" there, and here are the results:

Learn lots from this excellent website.