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find five numbers with a mean of 16, a median of 15 a mode of 21 and a range of 11.

hi Anna i hope this helps

median is the middle number .

mean is all the numbers added up then divided by the amount of numbers.

mode is the number that occurs most often.

range is the lowest number subtracted from the highest.

ok with that info we know that there is atleat two 21's due to mode

and atleast one 15 due to median

so we have 21 21 and 15. and two more numbers left to figure out

find our mean is 16*5=80 our numbers have to add up to 80

to get range take 21 and do this 21-x=11 which would be 10.

to get the last number add 21 21 15 and 10 then subtract that number from 80.

ur numbers should be
21 21 15 13 10

if u need any more help hit me u on messenger babeangel747 yaho or aim

If all of the numbers occur only once, then how would you get the mode?

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