can you show me how you got the answer please


I don't think it is correct.

Starting over

To solve for y
first multiply both sides by 5

(5)x/2=3y/5 (5)
Cancel 5 on right side to get

Now multiply both sides by 1/3 to get


To solve the equation x/2 = 3y/5, we need to isolate the variable y.

Step 1: Multiply both sides of the equation by 5 to eliminate the fraction on the right side:

5 * (x/2) = 5 * (3y/5)

This simplifies to:

5x/2 = 3y

Step 2: Divide both sides of the equation by 3 to isolate y:

(5x/2) / 3 = (3y) / 3

Simplifying further:

5x/6 = y

So, the correct equation is y = (5x/6).