An image related to education and antidrug awareness. Feature an assortment of symbolic elements associated with the subject matter. Represent substance abuse and the struggle to overcome it as a path with pitfalls and obstacles. Illustrate this with a labyrinth full of challenges symbolizing the different stages of drug recovery, exemplified through detoxification, recognition, and therapy. Show a stairway for the individual, symbolizing the journey of recovery against the odds. Overlap this with the outlines of several individuals, each of different genders and descents, to symbolize the diversity of people who can struggle with substance abuse. Make sure no text appear in the image.

1. The first step in getting help for drug abuse is (1 point)

A: detoxification.
B: withdrawal.
C: joining a therapeutic community.
D: recognizing the problem

2. A place where former drug abusers live together and learn to be drug­free is called (1 point)
A: detox center.
B: hospital.
C: therapeutic center.**
D: supervised medication facility.

3. Which of the following are signs of drug abuse? (Select all that apply) (2 points)
A: joining a club
B: denial of any problems**
C: gaining weight
D: withdrawal from normal activities**

4 The step of drug abuse treatment that involves withdrawal from the drug being abused is
(1 point)
A: recognition.**
B: detoxification.
C: therapy.
D: refusal.

5. Legal drugs that can only be obtained through a doctor’s written order are called
(1 point)
A: over the counter drugs.
B: hallucinogens.
C: club drugs.
D: prescription drugs.**

6. A person who has a really bad cough decides to take twice the recommended amount of
cough syrup. This is an example of
(1 point)
A: drug misuse.
B: drug abuse.**
C: a drug overdose.
D: proper drug use

7. Taking two depressants such as a sleeping pill along with alcohol can result in
(Select all that apply) (2 points)
A: drug antagonism.**
B: drug synergism.
C: cancelling each other’s effects.
D: producing extreme drowsiness.**

8. GHB and Rohypnol are examples of
(Select all that apply) (2 points)
A: stimulants.**
B: date drugs.
C: club drugs.
D: steroid**

9. Reading and following the directions on a drug label can help you avoid
(Select all that apply) (3 points)
A: getting arrested.
B: drug synergism.**
C: drug antagonism.**
D: drug interactions.**

10. Methamphetamine is a (1 point)
A: depressant.
B: hallucinogen.
C: stimulant.
D: club drug**

11. Drugs can end up controlling your life. (1 point)

12. Inhaling Whiteout and Super Glue is completely harmless. (1 point)
A: true
B: false**

13. Marijuana is known as the “gateway drug” because it is often the first drug abusers try.
(1 point)
A: true**
B: false

14. Being unable to cope with stress is a personal risk factor for drug abuse. (1 point)
A: true
B: false**

15. A good relationship with your parents is a protective against drug abuse
A: true**
B: false

I took the test for connexus

The correct answers are:

b and d
b and d
b and c
b and c and d

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oh, and I got an 85 because I trusted just one person, That person was lying hope you don't make the same mistake!!!!

Oh I mean Thanks Boo! Not the other person! lol!

Eeeeeeee! Boo is correct! (*^▽^*) I numbered them here.

1. D
2. C
3. B and D
4. B
5. D
6. A
7. B and D
8. B and C
9. B, C, and D
10. C
11. True
12. False
13. True
14. True
15. True

teachers call it cheating but we call it teamwork ;)

Boo got me 13/20 the right answer are

D. Recognizing the problem
C. a therapeutic center
B AND D. denial of problem and withdrawl from normal activity
B. detoxification
D. prescription drugs
A. drug MISUSE
B AND D. drug synergism AND producing extreme drowsiness
B AND C. date rp drugs AND club drugs
B, C, AND D. drug synergism, antagonism, and interaction.
C. a stimulant

Would have done so much better if i hadnt listened to "boo" gonna have to retake my test now THANKS.

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Boo Is 100% correct!

Boo is 100% correct. Thanks man.

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