An informative, abstract image that symbolises communication and preparation. Imagine a young student who could be of any gender and descent, standing in front of a mirror, practising a speech. The speech bubbles are empty to give emphasis on the act of speaking, but the content of this speech is up to the viewer's imagination. Then imagine a human body shadow having a distinct bright spot at its chest – symbolising the adrenaline rush. Have an abstract swirl or disturbance sign to represent stress.

you want to ask your teacher for extra help,so you practice in your mind what you will say. this is an example of ____.

A) eustress
B) distress
C) a stressor
D) a mental rehearsal
during the alarm stage of stress your body releeses a chmical called adrenaline which is part of ______.

A) eustress
B) the fight-or-flight response
C) a catastrophe
D) a mental rehearsal

any event or sisuation that causes stress is called a(n)

A) eustress
B) catastrophe
C) mental rehearsal
D) stressor

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The answers are:

1. A mental rehearsal
2. The flight-or-fight-response
3. Stressor
4. Guilt
5. Personality

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