1. The process by which the ER uptakes an incipient polypetide concurrent with treanslation of the peptide is called.....

a. co-import translation
b. co- translation import
c. co-transcription import
d. co-transprt


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9 months ago

It seems like there is an error in your response, as the given answer option "d;lskf;ldsakf;lsdkf'akf;ldsafsdfsdfsdafsa" does not correspond to any of the provided options. However, I can help explain the correct answer and how to arrive at it.

The process by which the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) takes up an incipient polypeptide concurrent with translation of the peptide is called co-translational import. This process involves the simultaneous synthesis of a polypeptide chain on the ribosome and the translocation of the growing polypeptide across the ER membrane for proper folding and modification.

To determine the correct answer, you need to understand the concept of co-translational import and apply your knowledge of the processes happening during translation and protein synthesis. By considering the provided answer options and their meanings, you can eliminate the options that do not fit the process being described.

In this case, option "a. co-import translation" does not accurately reflect the process described, as the term "co-import" is not commonly used in this context. Option "c. co-transcription import" is also incorrect because the process of co-translational import occurs after transcription has already taken place.

Therefore, the correct answer is "b. co-translation import," as it accurately describes the process of the ER uptaking an incipient polypeptide concurrent with translation.