Hi, i was the one who asked for help on "A Farewell to Arms" and "The English Patient."

i worked on the introduction but i'm stuck. this is what i have so far:

Haunting and horrifying, as beautiful as its disturbing, the two novels "The English" Patient" by Michael Ondaantje and "A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemmingway sweep the readers of their feet taking them to a whole new world. The English Patient tells the story of the entanglement of four damaged lives in an Italian monastery as World War II ends. Ondaatje weaves these characters together, pulls them tight, then unravels the threads with unsettling acumen. A Farewell to Arms is a romantic and harshly realistic, story of a tragic romance set against the brutality and confusion of World War I when a driver and a nurse fall in love.

Odaantje and Hemmingway each use their different styles of writing to capture the readers and their different types of themes and symbols and views on how it reflects on life.

What i need help on is the last sentence or the thesis. i tried writing it but mine doesn't make sense. hopefully by reading mine, you will get a feeling of what i want to say and help me write it better please. the sentence sounds weird but i need to include the words "symbols" and "themes" and "styles of writing" in the thesis instead of listing it. my teacher says that way i won't sound like i'm repeating myself when i actually write my body paragraphs.

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When you have re-written your introduction completely in your own words, be sure to re-post, and someone here will critique your work.

i am having a problem in writing a essay.i need help.

Here are websites that will help with the writing process -- be sure you don't skip any steps:



Use the column on the left as a table of contents.


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9 months ago

I apologize for the confusion earlier. I'm here to help you with your essay. Let's work on constructing a thesis statement for your introduction.

Based on the information you provided, it seems like you want to discuss how Ondaatje and Hemingway utilize different writing styles to portray their themes, symbols, and perspectives on life in their respective novels. Let's rephrase and incorporate these ideas into a thesis statement:

"In 'The English Patient' by Michael Ondaatje and 'A Farewell to Arms' by Ernest Hemingway, the authors employ distinct writing styles to explore various themes and symbols, offering unique perspectives on life during times of war."

Feel free to modify the statement according to your own preferences, but this should provide a starting point for your thesis. Remember, the thesis statement should be clear, concise, and reflective of the main arguments you plan to make in your essay.