What is the different between posting a resume on line and hard copy

An online resume is like a web page. It contains information about you, and other people can access it from a computer.

A hard copy resume is a resume that is printed out on a piece of paper.

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9 months ago

The main difference between posting a resume online and having a hard copy is the medium through which the resume is presented and accessed. Here are some key differences to consider:

1. Visibility: When you post your resume online, it is accessible to a larger audience since anyone with internet access can view it. On the other hand, a hard copy resume has limited visibility as it can only be seen by those who physically come across the printed copy.

2. Accessibility: An online resume can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. It allows potential employers to easily search for and find specific keywords or skills. A hard copy resume, however, requires physically handing over or mailing the document to interested parties.

3. Updates: An online resume provides the flexibility to make adjustments and updates in real-time. You can easily add or remove information or make changes to the format. With a hard copy resume, any updates will require reprinting and distributing new copies.

4. Multimedia: An online resume can incorporate multimedia elements such as links to relevant websites, portfolios, or video introductions. These can help highlight your skills and accomplishments in a more interactive and engaging way. A hard copy resume is limited to text and physical documents.

5. Cost and convenience: Publishing a resume online is relatively cost-effective since it doesn't require printing or postage expenses. However, you need to consider factors like maintaining a professional website or utilizing online platforms. Hard copy resumes involve printing costs, and their distribution can be time-consuming and costly.

When deciding between the two options, consider your target audience and industry norms. Online resumes are common in many fields, especially those with a digital or tech focus. However, traditional industries might still prefer hard copy resumes, so it's best to tailor your approach accordingly.