The ingredient that someone gave to me for my Fijian banana scones is not clear because I don’t know how much milk I am suppose to pour in the recipe.

Scone? Add enough milk to make a thick batter, as if you were making cornbread. Ask your mom what "thick batter" means.

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9 months ago

To determine the amount of milk you need for the Fijian banana scones recipe, you should follow these steps:

1. Start by checking the recipe instructions to see if it specifies the quantity of milk required. If it does, simply follow the provided measurement.

2. If the recipe does not mention the amount of milk, you can use the general guideline of adding enough milk to make a thick batter, similar to what you would do when making cornbread. This means that you want the batter to be pourable but still thick and not runny.

3. If you are still unsure about what "thick batter" means, you can seek clarification from someone with experience in baking, such as your mom. Ask her to explain what "thick batter" looks like or feels like. This will help you get a better understanding of the desired consistency.

4. Alternatively, if you have a similar scone recipe that does include the amount of milk, you can use that as a reference and adjust accordingly based on the specific requirements of this Fijian banana scones recipe.

Remember, when making any recipe, it's always best to start with a smaller amount of liquid and gradually add more if needed. This allows you to control the consistency of the batter and prevent it from becoming too thin.