I have to do a character anylsis on "Bottom". Can anyone out there suggest a site or where I can get the relevant information?

William Shakespear was a favorite target of the Religious Right, and he I think enjoyed making jokes of them.


Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'Midsummer Nights Dream' Bottom" to get these possible sources:

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I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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9 months ago

To do a character analysis on "Bottom" from Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream," you can start by researching various sources online.

One option is to visit Wikipedia, which provides general information and analysis on a wide range of topics. In this case, you can search for "Nick Bottom" on the Wikipedia website.

Another option is to explore author's websites or blogs that discuss the specific character. For example, the AuthorsDen website has an article on "Bottom" that might provide useful insights.

You may also consider exploring academic sources such as scholarly articles or books on Shakespeare or the play itself. These sources often offer detailed analysis and interpretations of characters, including "Bottom".

To find such sources, you can use academic databases like JSTOR, Google Scholar, or your school's library database. These databases allow you to search for specific articles or book chapters related to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and its characters.

Remember, when searching for information online, it's essential to critically evaluate the sources you come across. Look for reputable websites, scholarly sources, or articles written by experts in the field to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information you find.

I hope these suggestions help you gather relevant information for your character analysis of "Bottom" in "A Midsummer Night's Dream."