I have to make a Fijian recipe for my history class; I have chose to do Fijian banana scones, but unfortunately the recipe that I have found is not very good. I would greatly appreciate if someone helps me find clearer ingredients so I can make it.

Thank you

How about this one:


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9 months ago

Based on your request, I found a recipe for Fijian banana scones on fijilive.com. To help you find clearer ingredients, I suggest following these steps:

1. Open the link provided: http://www.fijilive.com/recipes/recipe.php?recipeid=119

2. Once the page is open, you will find the recipe for Fijian banana scones.

3. Read through the recipe to check if it meets your requirements for clarity.

4. If you find the ingredients to be clear and suitable for your needs, you can proceed with making the recipe.

By following these steps, you can access the recipe and check if it provides clearer instructions and ingredients for you to make Fijian banana scones.