my question has to do with medical records in this case in computerized database, when corrections are made I know they have to be dated and timed but what i don't know is they are stamped but reasonable if they are computerized cant be stamped right or wrong?

Please read your question carefully. It makes no sense to us.

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9 months ago

I apologize for any confusion. It seems like you are asking whether corrections in computerized medical records can be stamped with a date and time, even though they are not physical documents. Is that correct?

In a computerized database, corrections in medical records can still be assigned a date and time stamp, even though they are not physically stamped like paper documents. This is done through electronic record management systems. When a correction or update is made to a medical record in a computerized database, the software automatically logs the date and time of the modification. This information is typically stored as metadata associated with the specific entry or record that was changed.

The date and time stamp serves several important purposes in computerized medical records. It helps to establish the chronological order of entries, track the history of changes made to a record, and provide an audit trail for accountability and legal purposes.

So, while computerized records are not physically stamped, they still capture and store the relevant metadata, including the date and time of any corrections or updates.