What does the photoelectric effect show about the connection between light and electrons?

A. Light can remove electrons from atoms.
B. Electrons are composed of light.
C. Light is composed of electrons.
D. It takes 2 photons of light to cause 1 electron to begin flowing.

I think the photoelectric effect shows that A is true. (B) Electrons can be thought of as particles or as waves; certainly they have a wave nature but i wouldn't call them composed of light. C and D are not reasonable.

it’s A

Well, the photoelectric effect shows that light can actually remove electrons from atoms. So the answer is A. Remember, photons have a smashing sense of humor when it comes to interacting with electrons!

The correct answer is A. The photoelectric effect demonstrates the connection between light and electrons by showing that light can remove electrons from atoms. This effect was first explained by Albert Einstein and is based on the observation that when light shines on certain materials, such as metals, electrons can be emitted from the surface of the material. The energy of the light, or photons, is transferred to the electrons, giving them enough energy to overcome the binding forces of the atom and escape into the surrounding space as free electrons. This phenomenon is the basis for technologies like solar cells and photoelectric detectors.

To understand why light can remove electrons from atoms, you can consider the concept of photon energy. Each photon of light carries a specific amount of energy that depends on its frequency or wavelength. When a photon interacts with an electron in an atom, it transfers its energy to the electron. If this energy is sufficient to overcome the binding energy of the electron to the atom, the electron can be ejected, creating a current or electric flow.

To verify this information, you can refer to reputable sources such as physics textbooks, scientific journals, or online educational resources that explain the photoelectric effect theory and its connection to light and electrons. These sources can provide detailed explanations and experimental evidence supporting the observation that light can remove electrons from atoms.