A conceptual image to visualize an artist's portfolio. It includes an artist's sketchbook, color palette, brush, and easel, with numerous illustrations that the artist likes to draw most, emphasizing the uniqueness of their style. Different types of artwork are scattered around, including pencil drawings, watercolor paintings, and abstract experiments. The setting implies a creative and artistic atmosphere without any written text.

When creating an artist portfolio to demonstrate your individual art style, what should guide your selections?

A. The knowledge you have of other art styles.
B. The ability you have to copy famous masters.
C. The art style you like to draw in most that makes your work unique.
D. The inclusion of a large variety of art styles.
Is the answer C?

Correct answers are

1. A
2. C
3. B
4. D

thanks @Blue The Wolf Demon you 100% correct i just got 4/4 i needed that help


I think it is either C or D because the answer C does make sense because you like a certain style. But, D says the variety of art styles. And that can play a big roll in style. I'm not positive but I think it is C. Tell me what you got ;D


Which one was it?

yeah C was correct

its C