Suzan needs a bored that is at least 3.5 meters long and I have a 17 centimeter books is that enough

3.5 meters is 350 centimeters

17 centimeters is way smaller.


Suzanna needs a board that is least 3.5 neters long.Is the board long enough?Explain.

To determine if the 17-centimeter book is long enough for Suzan's 3.5-meter board, we'll need to convert the measurements to the same unit.

First, let's convert the 3.5 meters to centimeters, since the book's length is given in centimeters:

3.5 meters * 100 centimeters/meter = 350 centimeters

Now, we can compare the length of the board (350 centimeters) to the length of the book (17 centimeters). Since the book is shorter than the required board length, it is NOT enough to meet the minimum length requirement.

Therefore, Suzan will need a longer board.