What kind of character trait best describes this?

Someone who blames someone else for causing their love one's death, they constantly blame them and believe that they are the reason why that person died and they cause their love one to die but they had no actual proof but say that everybody knows for a fact that that person is the one that cause/killed that person, I was describing the part in Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe where he keeps blaming the angels for Annabel's death. I just can't of the word I'm looking for

Wow, No one answered? Iyts 2019 almost 2020, And If anyone else is stuck I got some character traits: Blame Artist, SocioPath. etc. ( I couldn't think of anymore and I felt too lazy to find more)


The character trait that best describes this behavior is "blaming" or "blameful." Blaming someone else for causing a loved one's death, even without concrete evidence, indicates a tendency to assign blame and hold others responsible for a tragic event. In the context of Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee," the speaker demonstrates this trait by repeatedly blaming the angels for the death of his beloved Annabel.