Abraham earns $11.50 an hour. How many hours will Abraham have to work to earn $483?

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483/11.5 = ________ hours

something times $11.50= $483

483/11.50= x

42 hours

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483 divided by 11.50

42 hours

To find out how many hours Abraham will have to work to earn $483, we need to divide the total amount earned by the hourly rate.

Let's say Abraham works for 'x' hours to earn $483.

Using the formula:

Total earnings = Hourly rate * Number of hours worked

We can set up the equation as:

483 = 11.50 * x

Now, to solve for 'x,' we need to isolate the variable.

First, divide both sides of the equation by 11.50:

483 / 11.50 = x

This simplifies to:

41.956521739130434782608695652174 = x

Rounding this number to the nearest whole number, we find that Abraham will need to work approximately 42 hours to earn $483.