Calculate the amount of heat required to completely sublime 71.0g of solid dry ice (CO2) at its sublimation temperature. The heat of sublimation for carbon dioxide is 32.3 kJ/mol.

With the two other heat/ice/water problems I've worked, try this one on yur own and see if you can't do it. Same principles. If you have trouble repost at the top of the page and tell us exactly what is troubling you.

To calculate the amount of heat required to sublime solid dry ice (CO2), you can use the following steps:

1. Find the molar mass of carbon dioxide (CO2). The atomic mass of carbon is 12.01 g/mol, and the atomic mass of oxygen is 16.00 g/mol. Therefore, the molar mass of CO2 is 12.01 g/mol + (2 × 16.00 g/mol) = 44.01 g/mol.

2. Convert the given mass of dry ice (71.0g) into moles by dividing it by the molar mass of carbon dioxide.

Moles of CO2 = 71.0 g / 44.01 g/mol

3. Calculate the heat required for sublimation using the molar heat of sublimation for carbon dioxide (32.3 kJ/mol) and the number of moles of CO2.

Heat required = moles of CO2 × molar heat of sublimation

Heat required = (71.0 g / 44.01 g/mol) × 32.3 kJ/mol

4. Solve for the heat required.

Please note that the given heat of sublimation is given in kilojoules per mole (kJ/mol), and the mass of dry ice is given in grams (g). Therefore, the resulting heat required will be in kilojoules (kJ).