Pronouns used as the subjects of the sentences or ad subject complements are a.objective pronouns me,her,him,them,us b.possessive nounspronouns my,mine,hers. C.nominative pronouns I,you I am think d none of the above.

All of the following statements are true about person except a.neuter pronouns are used primarily to replace names of animals and babies b.pronouns can be masculine,feminine,neuter c.the case of a person indicates how it can be used.

If your first answer is d, it is wrong.

What is your answer to the second question?

It the first one c

A for the second one.

Both are right now.

The correct answer is C. Nominative pronouns: I and you.

To determine the correct pronouns used as the subjects of sentences or as subject complements, you need to understand the different types of pronouns and their functions.

1. Objective pronouns (option A) are used as objects of verbs or prepositions. Examples include: me, her, him, them, and us.

Example: She invited me to the party. (me is the object pronoun)

2. Possessive noun pronouns (option B) indicate ownership or possession. Examples include: my, mine, hers, his, theirs.

Example: That book is mine. (mine is the possessive pronoun)

3. Nominative pronouns (option C) are used as the subjects of sentences or as subject complements. Examples include: I, you, he, she, it, we, they.

Example 1: I am going to the store.
Example 2: She was the one who won.

Therefore, the correct answer to your question is option C: nominative pronouns "I" and "you" are used as subjects of the sentences or ad subject complements.