Which of the following statements most accurately reflects the political climate in Boston in 1773?

a. Most people in Boston were Tories who remained loyal to England and believed the Whigs were needlessly stirring up trouble.

b. The Whigs were a vocal majority that ran the town and dominated local government

c. Boston was dominated by wealthy merchants, hardworking artisans, and tradesmen who had little time for or interest in politics

d. Boston was a divided city;Whigs felt little hope of reconciling with England, and Tories remained loyal to the crown

ms. sue are you a ?

The answers are

1. C
2. B
3. C

Ms. Sue is wrong, i just took the quiz, the answer is C!!! Trust me

b- tired


What do you think?


Is it C


Did you read this novel?

Yes with my mom

What is the answer!?

pearsonconnexus your wrong the last one is right the first two are wrong

thank you breezy i got 100%