Which aspect of maya ying Lin's past, discussed in "always to remember" may have influenced the students interest in architecture?

All of the answers to the test goes:

9. You have to Answer about your PERSONAL reading selection

Does anyone know the answer ???

So know one knows

The answer is D.

u r right tnx

To determine which aspect of Maya Ying Lin's past in "Always to Remember" may have influenced students' interest in architecture, you can follow these steps:

1. Read the relevant parts of the text: Look for sections in "Always to Remember" that discuss Maya Ying Lin's past and any specific experiences that relate to architecture. Pay attention to any details that may provide insight into her interest in this field.

2. Identify relevant information: Find any relevant information about Maya Ying Lin's background, including her experiences, education, or influential figures in her life. Look for connections between her past and the field of architecture.

3. Analyze the impact: Consider how the identified aspects of Maya Ying Lin's past might have influenced students' interest in architecture. Think about how her story, values, or experiences could inspire or resonate with aspiring architects.

4. Make an informed inference: Formulate an inference based on the information gathered. Consider which aspect(s) of Maya Ying Lin's past, as discussed in "Always to Remember," could most likely impact students' interest in architecture. This could imply a connection between her personal journey and the inspiration it provides for students.

Remember, while I can provide guidance on how to seek the answer to your question, it may require further examination of the text to identify the specific aspect that influenced students' interest in architecture.