19. On the 24th of December for the past 10 years it has snowed eight times. What is the chance for snow this next December 24?

20. Congressman X is up for his 6th term. Thus far in five elections he has won by 58,56,62,70, and 54 percent. On this basis of past record, with no new factors entering into the coming election, by what percentage should he win the next election?
Help please.. thank you!

To determine the chance of snowing on December 24th, we need to calculate the probability based on historical data. First, divide the number of times it snowed on December 24th in the past 10 years (8) by the total number of December 24ths in those years (10).

Probability of snow = Number of times it snowed / Total number of years

So, the probability of snow this next December 24 is 8/10 or 0.8 (or 80%).

Regarding the second question about the percentage chance Congressman X will win the next election, you can calculate the average percentage of his previous wins to get an estimate. Add up the percentage results from each election (58+56+62+70+54) and divide it by the number of elections (5).

Average percentage = Sum of percentages / Number of elections

So, the average percentage is (58+56+62+70+54) / 5 = 300 / 5 = 60%.

Based on past record, Congressman X has an estimated 60% chance of winning the next election. However, it's worth noting that this is only an approximation and doesn't take into account any new factors or changes that might affect the outcome of the next election.