About reading 1/2

a half
one half
a second
one second
Which one is right?

a half

one half

are correct.

It depends on the context, but mostly, the first two work fine.

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Out of the options you listed, "a half," "one half," "a-second," and "one-second" are correct ways to express the fraction 1/2. These are all acceptable forms that can be used interchangeably. The hyphenated versions, such as "a-half" and "one-second," are less common but can still be understood.

However, "a second" and "one second" have a different meaning. "A second" refers to a unit of time, which is one-sixtieth of a minute. Meanwhile, "one second" is used to describe the number one followed by the word "second" to indicate the ordinal position rather than the fraction.