Give the probability in decimal form (correct to two decimal places). A calculator may be helpful.

Last semester, a certain professor gave 15 As out of 396 grades. If one of the professor's students from last semester were selected randomly, what is the probability that student received an A? (Assume that each student receives one grade.)

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To find the probability, we need to divide the number of favorable outcomes (students who received an A) by the total number of possible outcomes (total number of students).

In this case, the favorable outcome is the number of students who received an A, which is 15. The total number of possible outcomes is the total number of students, which is 396.

The probability can be calculated as:

Probability = Number of favorable outcomes / Total number of possible outcomes

Probability = 15 / 396

Calculating this on a calculator, we get:

Probability ≈ 0.04 (rounded to two decimal places)

So, the probability that a randomly selected student from last semester received an A is approximately 0.04.