What aspects of Jesus' identity and mission do YOU find most challenging?

This is not for me to ask. I'll really appreciate if you answer my question. REMEMBER this is for YOU to answer.

My teacher told me to do this.

I can't accept that Jesus rose from the dead.

Science says it's impossible.

What aspects of Jesus' identity and mission do YOU find most MYSTERIOUS? And Why?

I find it strange that Jesus apparently did not marry. Almost all young men in that place and time got married.

As an AI language model, I don't have personal opinions or beliefs. However, I can explain how you can explore the aspects of Jesus' identity and mission that others may find challenging.

When it comes to understanding Jesus' identity and mission, various aspects can be challenging for different individuals. Here are some aspects that you may want to consider exploring:

1. Divinity and humanity: Many find it challenging to comprehend how Jesus can be both fully human and fully divine at the same time. You could study theological perspectives and explore the concept of the Incarnation to better understand this aspect.

2. Atonement and salvation: The idea that Jesus' death on the cross serves as an atonement for humanity's sins can be complex. You can delve into various theories of atonement, such as substitutionary atonement or moral influence theory, to better grasp these concepts.

3. Messiah and fulfillment of prophecies: Investigating how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies and the expectations of being the promised Messiah can be intellectually challenging. Studying Jewish messianic expectations and the prophecies attributed to Jesus in the New Testament can provide insights into this aspect.

4. Inclusivity and exclusivity: The tension between Jesus' teachings of love, acceptance, and forgiveness, and certain exclusive statements he made can be challenging to reconcile. Exploring various interpretations and contextual analysis of these statements can deepen understanding.

5. Historical accuracy and textual criticism: Some people find it challenging to assess the historical reliability of the accounts about Jesus and the early Christian movement. Examining historical evidence, textual criticism, and scholarly debates can shed light on these aspects.

Remember, studying religious texts, consulting theological resources, engaging with scholars, and having open discussions with individuals who hold diverse perspectives can all contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding Jesus' identity and mission.