make a paragraph about your favorite thing about winter? someone please help


Try this as your first sentence.

Winter is fun!

then what?

How would you like us to help you?

to put your favorite thign about winter in paragraph

what is your favorite thing?

short days?
deep snow?

so figure that out, and write about it. You wont bleed to death writing a paragraph. It is not painful...there is no right answer, if you are looking for that.

Bob speaks the truth. No one on here will write it for you.

i have ideas i just need help putting it in paragraph like i like when it snows

holiday breack
new years

The only way you're going to learn to write a paragraph is to do it!

I'll be glad to comment on your paragraph if you post it here.

Describe what it is you like about when it snows, winter break, new years etc. Write about it as if you were describing it to a friend who had never seen winter

can you post the paragraph here plese?