There are 17 goats in the barn. 8 goats go outside. How many are still in the barn?

Use ten frames show work

7 goats

To find out how many goats are still in the barn after 8 goats go outside, we can use ten frames. A ten frame is a rectangular grid with 10 squares, where each square represents one goat. Here's how you can use ten frames to visualize the problem and find the answer:

1. Draw two ten frames on a piece of paper or a whiteboard, side by side. Label one as "Barn" and the other as "Outside."

2. In the "Barn" ten frame, draw 17 squares to represent the 17 goats initially in the barn.

3. Now, count out 8 goats from the "Barn" ten frame and move them to the "Outside" ten frame. Make sure to cross out or remove the squares you moved.

4. Count the number of squares remaining in the "Barn" ten frame. This will give you the number of goats still in the barn.

5. Write down the final count as your answer.

For this specific problem, after moving 8 goats outside, there would be 9 goats remaining in the barn.