Which of the following statements correctly describes the asthenosphere?

1- it is thin cold and rigid layer
2- it is the source of the earth's heat
3- it permits plate motion
4- it occurs only near subduction zones

My answer is 1

is the answer is 3

ima say 3



Actually, the correct statement describing the asthenosphere is 3- it permits plate motion. The asthenosphere is a layer of the Earth located just beneath the lithosphere. It consists of semi-molten rock material that is hotter and more ductile than the rigid lithosphere above it. This semi-molten state allows the asthenosphere to flow slowly over long periods of time.

The flowing of the asthenosphere is what allows tectonic plates on the Earth's surface to move or slide past each other. This motion is responsible for various geological phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the creation of mountain ranges. So, statement 3 correctly describes the role of the asthenosphere in permitting plate motion.

Statement 1 is incorrect because the asthenosphere is not thin, cold, and rigid but it is warm, semi-molten, and more ductile compared to the lithosphere.

Statement 2 is incorrect because the asthenosphere is not the primary source of the Earth's heat. The heat that drives the movement in the asthenosphere comes from the deeper regions of the Earth, mainly from the Earth's core.

Statement 4 is incorrect because the asthenosphere is not limited to occurring only near subduction zones. It exists beneath the Earth's surface globally, covering the entire planet.

I'm sorry but your wrong