if steak costs $2.29 per lb. how much does 0.8 lb. cost?

my answer: either $1.12 or $0.112

pls help

Neither is correct.

2.29 * 0.8 = ?

$1.83 ???

Yes. That's right.

To find out how much 0.8 lb of steak costs, you can use the concept of ratios or proportions. Here's how you can do it step by step:

1. Set up a ratio: The cost of the steak is $2.29 per lb.
Therefore, the ratio is: $2.29 per 1 lb.

2. Determine the cost of 0.8 lb using the ratio:
Multiply the ratio by the weight of the steak you want to find, which is 0.8 lb.

$2.29 per lb * 0.8 lb = $1.832

So, 0.8 lb of steak would cost approximately $1.832.

Regarding your answer choices:
- $1.12 is not accurate because it is less than the cost of one pound of steak.
- $0.112 is incorrect because it is the cost of 0.1 lb, not 0.8 lb.

Therefore, the correct answer is approximately $1.832.