Create a detailed picture containing five different panels. In panel 1, depict an underground graveyard of dinosaur fossils morphing into petroleum oil–a representation of fossil fuels. In panel 2, illustrate a factory churning out thick black smoke–a representation of the acid rain caused by the use of fossil fuels. Panel 3 shows a windmill gently turning on a hill, a symbol of renewable energy. Panel 4 shows our planet Earth sweating and uncomfortably hot while in the background, a glider soars in the sky: an image depicting the contribution to global warming. Finally, panel 5 presents the steps towards energy conservation: a person caulking windows, another using a cloth shopping bag, and a third washing clothes in cold water.

1. Fossil fuels are (1 point)

• a natural resource. i pick this one
• renewable.
• made from minerals.
•burned in hydroelectric plants.
2. Which of the following is a consequence of using fossil fuels as an energy source? (1 point)
•decreased carbon dioxide levels
• increased biodiversity i picked
• increased acid rain
• decreased ecosystem disruption

3. Which of the following is a renewable form of energy? (1 point)
• gasoline
• natural gas
• wind
• coal i picked this on

4. Which of the following activities would contribute the most to global warming? (1 point)
• driving a solar-powered car
• snowmobiling around a national park
•launching an engineless glider i picked
• trekking by horseback

5. Which of the following sets of actions will conserve the most energy? (1 point)
• caulk windows, use cloth shopping bags, wash clothes in cold water
• bicycle or walk, turn up thermostat in winter, run water while brushing teeth i picked this one
•buy compact fluorescent bulbs, use plastic shopping bags, buy heavily packaged foods
• insulate walls, buy bottled water, dry laundry in a clothes dryer

I did the quiz and got a 100.

1) A
2) C
3) C
4) B
5) A

I know this was a while ago, but hope this helps in the future :D

@Truth: I agree I have seen some of the students ask help from Ms. Sue but when other students answer the question and they were right, she would just say that we are cheaters and we don't even study at all.

Really Mrs.Sue. I agree that maybe Cece didn't try but the reason people go to Jiskiha is to learn. And when you don't answer it only makes it worse. Because if you were a good teacher you would incourage people to do better. Because believe me dragging people down doesn't make them try harder. It only makes them give up. You shoud have at least gave Cece a text to read to help her. Even if you think she is not trust worthy.


Super Girl is RIGHT!! I just took the the test and got a 100!! thanks!!

Super thank you sooooo much bet you are straight A student

I agree with you guys i asked her a question and she said "your wild guess is wrong" then i gave the right answer and she told me it was wrong im from connexus so it told me the right answer when i submitted i know she did it on purpose and i put it any way...

1) A

2) C
3) C
4) B
5) A
is right thanks super girl

I wonder how many people on here got banned for being rude about Ms Sue

So there is also a quick check in science that is about impact of energy use the answers are

1. Natural resource
2. Increased acid rain
3. Wind
4. Snowmobiling around a national park
5. Caulk windows, use cloth shopping bags, and wash clothes in cold water