Hey I'm doing my research proposal for graduation I have 2 questions

Q1. What should it i exactly? I mean the headlines/ content)

Q2. For the literature review, after dining articles what should I summarize/use from them? (Introducton, methodology or what!)

Thanks alot!


Q1. When it comes to the content of your research proposal, there are several key elements that you should include:

1. Title: Clearly state the topic of your research proposal.
2. Introduction: Provide background information on your chosen research topic and establish the significance of the study.
3. Research Questions/Objectives: Clearly state the main research questions or objectives that you aim to address in your study.
4. Literature Review: Summarize the existing research and literature related to your topic, highlighting any gaps or areas that need further investigation.
5. Methodology: Explain the research design, methods, and procedures you plan to employ in order to answer your research questions.
6. Data Collection and Analysis: Describe the data collection methods you will use and how you plan to analyze the data.
7. Significance and Contribution: Explain the potential significance and contribution of your research to the field or discipline.
8. Ethical Considerations: Discuss any ethical issues that are relevant to your research and outline your plans for ensuring ethical conduct.
9. Timeline: Provide a clear timeline for the different stages of your research project.
10. References: Include a list of the sources you cited throughout your proposal.

Q2. After conducting your literature review and reading relevant articles, you should summarize and use the following information:

1. Introduction: Summarize the main points and arguments made in the introduction sections of the articles. This will help you understand the background and context of the research conducted by previous authors.
2. Methodology: Pay close attention to the details and methodology used in the articles. Summarize the research design, sample size, data collection methods, and any relevant statistical analyses used.
3. Key Findings: Identify the main findings and conclusions of the articles. Summarize the key results and outcomes of the studies conducted by previous researchers.
4. Gaps and Limitations: Note any gaps, limitations, or areas for improvement identified in the articles. This will help you identify potential areas for further research or areas where your own study can make a significant contribution.

Remember, the literature review should provide a synthesis of the existing knowledge and should help justify the need for your study. While summarizing the articles, focus on extracting information that directly relates to your research questions and objectives.